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As a guild, Envious strives to uphold a set of beliefs that few guilds hold onto. We believe that through pure skill, intelligence, and commitment any and all content can be conquered. Most guilds deviate from this in that they recruit players that only meet two of these criteria. Skill is fairly abundant, commitment is almost everywhere when it comes to downing hard modes, and intelligence seems to be few and far between.

However, the rarity comes when a player possesses all three traits in spades. Guilds comprised of players who are highly skilled, highly intelligent, and highly committed are destined for greatness. This is the type of guild that we intend to be. We intend to hold true to those three principles, and only recruit those that meet our criteria and nothing less. This may sound elitist and some will be offended, but this is the way it will be.

Our leadership has seen practically everything this game has to offer. We've seen Naxx-40 Pre-BC, we've seen Sunwell Pre-3.0, and we will see Icecrown. Our raid leader led our previous guild through all of the content Wrath has to offer up until Mimiron in Ulduar, so he definitely knows what he's doing. He's always up to date on bosses, boss strategies, boss abilities, and tricks to help defeat the bosses. He also has the ability to read the problems underlying a wipe, such as the tank died because the dps weren't moving out of the aoe damage and were soaking up precious healing.

We strongly believe that logic is the only way to solve a problem. We detest those that jump to conclusions and instantly start yelling and berating the person that supposedly made the mistake. We would rather deduce the problem, fix it, and move on seemlessly.

We believe that a loot system should be fair, beneficial for the guild as a whole, and have the ability to gear up a group as fast as possible. We understand that loot is a big issue with the majority of players. We understand that people want to see the fruits of their labors. However, most people don't understand that the fruits of their labors are the bragging rights and achievements. Gear only lasts for so long, but achievements are written in a history book of sorts.

We, as a guild, rely on using a loot council system. We believe that this is the best system for gearing up the guild as a whole. With our loot council system, we decide who gets the loot based on attendance, need, and overall performance. The specifics are slightly more complicated, the players interested in an item will link their currently equipped item in Officer Chat. The officers will compare the items, consider attendance, performance, and seniority. Then the item will be distributed, and if required, an explanation of how this decision was made will be given.
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